Muscle Therapy

Clinically based treatments

We use such a wide range of techniques here at Spine Consultants that don’t belong to a single profession or modality, hence we’ve termed the name “Muscle Therapies”. Your therapist will conduct a thorough assessment and the during the treatment will accurately detect muscular, joint, fascia and neural restrictions and apply the appropriate technique with the correct amount of sustained pressure to facilitate the appropriate level of release desired. Each treatment is unique and tailored to you as an individual.

Exercise Therapy

Movement is the key to making short term changes permanent. Our “Pillars of movement” system helps you establish optimal movement patterns.

Dry Needling

Effective, efficient and safe techniques for treating musculoskeletal injuries, pain and dysfunctions​

Remedial Massage

A specific musculoskeletal assessment protocol that aims to improve the patient’s function, movement and performance.

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What Our Clients say

anna howie

Amazing. In one session Ben eased my back pain and increased my hip mobility. In the next session he increased my right leg stability and proprioception over 100% so that my reverse lunges are stable both sides. Amazing!

Anna Howie

liam fitzgerald

Ben is full of knowledge. I dislike him heaps, but love him at the same time. Not only has he helped me but my clients have seen awesome results too. Thanks mate

Liam Fitzgerald

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