Exercise Therapy

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Movement is an integral part of your long term health and recovery. It’s easy to create short term relief from pain or dysfunction with manual therapy. Exercise is the key to making the short term changes permanent. How you move and your movement patterns, habits and dysfunctions are developed over time. Learning how to move again is vital to long term health and a pain free life.

We’ve worked with some of the best in the industry developing the skills required to take you from painful movements to movement freedom.

Muscle Therapy

Every treatment is unique and may include multiple manual therapy techniques to achieve your specific goals.

Dry Needling

Effective, efficient and safe techniques for treating musculoskeletal injuries, pain and dysfunctions​

Remedial Massage

A specific musculoskeletal assessment protocol that aims to improve the patient’s function, movement and performance.

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Triv Naidoo

"As a Personal Trainer, I know what it takes to get results. Being able to fully contract and utilize the muscle you're training is vital. Ben's knowledge and experience working with serious gym athletes is invaluable. I highly recommend his services to all my clients."

Anthea Paton

"Never fails to correctly diagnose the problem and then fix it! Highly recommended!"

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