Sports Therapy Clinic

Sports, Spine, Muscle & Joint Care

At Spine Consultants we provide innovative, hands on solutions to eliminate pain and boost your performance. Our clinic combines years of experience, new research and treatment options.

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Exercise Therapy

Movement is the key to making short term changes permanent. Our “Pillars of movement” system helps you establish optimal movement patterns.

Dry Needling

Effective, efficient and safe techniques for treating musculoskeletal injuries, pain and dysfunctions​

Muscle Therapy

Every treatment is unique and may include multiple manual therapy techniques to achieve your specific goals.

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Holistic Approach

We look at everything not just what seems wrong. Often what appears wrong isn't the real issue.

Personal Treatment

We treat you, everything is tailored for you. We have no standard generic treatment protocols, everything is custom designed for each person.

Focused Care

Our practitioners are dedicated to your successful recovery and goals.

Years of Experience

With over 16+ years clinical practice behind us, we've seen a few things and done even more.