We treat athletes with world class techniques, restoring your body to its optimum performance level. Have you been injured and still trying to return to your sport or gym training? Let us optimize the process and have you come back stronger than ever.

Performance, Strength, Hypertrophy, Flexibility, these are our key beliefs. Training has been a big part of our lifestyle for the better part of a decade. Manual Therapy is a huge part of training to your full potential.




Each treatment includes a range of numerous manual therapy techniques to achieve your specific goals. The therapist is able to accurately detect muscular…


Movement is an integral part of your long term health and recovery. It's easy to create short…


Acupuncture originated over 5000 years ago.  It's based on the belief that health is determined by a balanced flow of…


IASTM is performed using a range instruments that allows the practitioner to efficently locate and treat soft tissue dysfunctions such…


By - Alex D

Working with Ben for a year- amazing trainer, amazing therapist and all round super easy to work with, flexible and aims hard to achieve goals with you. :) Ben was awesome at identifying issues with injuries and developing plans to minimize further harm and maximize recovery!

By - Lachlan Z.

During my preparation for 2014 Season A ANB I began seeing Ben and was blown away with his therapy, I continued to gain muscle mass even in the last weeks out from comp when I was on a heavy restricted diet. Love his work, would recommend highly.

By - Ashley M.

I suffered a severe neck injury when I was younger and was experiencing chronic migraines weekly, having seen multiple doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors I choose to seek treatment from Ben and after following his treatment plan, I am now glad to say I am completely migraine free :)

By - Jake D.

I came in with muscle tightness and restrictions throughout my body which was limiting my rugby, after two sessons my mobility had improved drastically and I was beginnning to feel very agile on the field again. Would recommend for sure.

By - Jo P.

I continually have people coming up and asking me what I’m taking to have grown so fast, I don’t know what you’re doing but just keep doing it. I’ve already handed your card out to 5 people alone today, couldn’t recommend highly enough keep up the good work mate.

By - Lisa L.

Best money I've ever spent, it improved my training and general well being, Ben you're the man :)

By - Cass M.

I came in with a really sore neck and walked out pain free, I would definately recommend.

By - Steve G.

I was hit by a car a number of years ago, I came to see Ben a number of times but even after one session I had drastic benefits, especially my shoulder, lower back and hips. I would definitely recommend his services 100%.

By - Triv N

Being a trainer myself I always found the MOST limiting and important factor when it comes to results is someone ability to activate and fully contract their entire muscle when training.
It's all about mobility and maximal usage of the muscle for an optimal result.
THIS is exactly what. Thanks Ben!



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Going back to where we started. Over the years I've personally worked with…


Guest Post - Trivaran…

Hey guys, my names Trivaran (Triv), having lived and breathed this lifestyle for over 15…


Treating for performance &…

Treating for performance & function

We treat for performance & function – Not for pain…

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